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Requirement for SEO/SMO/CMS solutions Understanding
Job Description and Responsibilities:

Start Date : 2/12/2020
: min.6 month
Location: Bhopal(Madhya Pradesh)

What is a content management system? A CMS is a software program or system of programs that allows you to organize large amounts of digital content from an array of sources. Digital content in a CMS may include photos, written copy, video, audio, maps, program code and graphics for web-based publishing. A CMS usually has two main components:
Content management application: The content management application (CMA) is a user interface that allows individuals to modify content for a web page. A CMA’s ease of use generally reduces the need for a webmaster or other specialists.
Content delivery application: A content delivery application (CDA) applies the users’ changes to the web page.

Skills Required: PHP5,MYSQL5, XML and JavaScript, CSS, Photoshop
Knowledge on multiple projects would be preferable.

Working with KiranTechnologies is not a job. It's a journey. An experience. There's so much to explore here - even about yourself - that every day is a new day. You want a challenging and enjoyable work environment. We want you to realize your potential. You want to be recognized for your work. We want you to fulfill your aspirations.......

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